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A fansite dedicated to the Divine Physicist, Grandmaster Chris (B.Sc at Warwick, PhD at the University of the Andromeda Galaxy)

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Grandmaster Chris, Lord of the Quantum and Newtonian Realm, Esteemed King of Warwick, Master of exquisite facial hair etc. is one of the finest Physicists, and educators, this universe has to offer.

First harbouring a love for the subject of Physics at -1000 years of age, back when he was merely a twinkle in the Great One's eye, he had managed to derive Coulomb's Law by scrutinising the interaction between two charged quarks. He subsequently revealed this to mortal eyes in 1784 under the guise of a Frenchman named Charles-Augustin de Coulomb, as to ensure that the men and women would never know the truth of GOD, for they would grow jealous of his perfectly trimmed facial hair (which has notable similarity to that of Yaweh, the christian deity).

Becoming the most enlightened individual the universe will ever produce before the age of 0 took a profound effect on the glorious psyche of Chris Daniels, and thus his mind turned from uncovering the universe's most shrouded secrets, to simple transference of knowledge, and pure love of physics. In no vague terms, Chris Daniels turned his intellect towards the pedagogical arts, and assumed mortal form in order to save humanity from its sins of the aether and phlogiston. Indeed, it was Chris Daniels himself, in his various carnal forms, who spread across the face of the earth the untruth of these blights on science.

Love for physics extends in itself into adoration of the universe, and indeed Chris Daniels loves to travel. Being a being that does not be in a way that beings that be like we be, The Divine One can of course travel to the Andromeda galaxy as he wishes. In the era of pedagogy, he travelled to the Andromeda Galaxy to earn his PhD (currently unrecognised by Terran authorities). His thesis was so groundbreaking that its title is incomprehensible to human minds, and the reading of which has been known to cause spontaneous human combustion, fatal aneurisms, heart failure, and the belief that arrays start at index 1. Unfortunately, Chris Daniels met the Ashened King of the Andromeda Galaxy in this era, spelling complete doom for humanity.

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