"Hew way is a good friend of Chris.

Together, they have fought a good many battles and had a fair abundance of banter."

Hew way, a fellow educator of the subject of Physics, is one of Chris' great friends. Despite being a mortal, Hew Way has taught Chris a lot about mortals and Earth, including how to make EXCELLENT banter.

Not much is known about Hew Way, except that he has a great admiration for cars and car memorabilia. A common misconception by some who have come to know his admiration for cars is that his love for cars extends beyond that of pure amusement. However, Hew Way, being the academic he is would never love something beyond his own field[1].

[1] Field, of course, referring to his gravitational field, within a field strength of greater than 0.002 N/kg. Note that this allows one to calculate Hew Way's mass based on his amusement radius.