"And so Chris convened with Derrick and Feet, high atop Tonbridge Castle (in the restricted area), to record his tales and glories in a book. And, they agreed to this legendary quest, bringing us this bible of Chris. May his noble deeds live on amongst our lives even whilst he assumes a new form to bring hope and peace amongst mankind."

The Bible of Chris is the fount of all knowledge we have on the Great Physicist, and the many forms he has undertaken in the past.

Recorded by Derrick and Feet, two esteemed members of the Cult of Chris, after a divine decree by His Holyship, this grand book covers over a million pages* of the Nobel One's deeds, beliefs, and inner-thoughts.

*Quite a hefty amount of those pages are a verbatim copy of A-level Physics, by Nelkon and Parker (/ourguys/); still, a little bit of Physics education never hurt anyone**.

**Oh wait, I forgot about the Ashened King of the Andromeda Galaxy (a past student of Chris') and his plan to invade the Milky Way in 4 billion years.